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Plumbing design and Drafting

Business Buddy Plumbing Design & Drafting Training

Business Buddy Training is a renowned training centre that specialises in providing comprehensive training programs in Plumbing Design and Drafting.

Plumbing Design and Drafting

  • Get ready for an exciting 6-month Plumbing Design and Drafting training!
  • Master software skills by advanced focused learning.
  • Gain real-world experience on-site training.
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Course Description

Our Plumbing Design and Drafting training at Business Buddy is an exciting opportunity for both entry-level and experienced engineers. This course equips you with the essential knowledge of plumbing systems used in both domestic and commercial settings.


By joining this training, you’ll gain valuable insights into different plumbing system designs and learn how to achieve optimal designs. With a focus on analytical skills and up-to-date technical knowledge, you’ll be able to develop solution-driven concepts and translate them into comprehensive plans and prototypes.

Plumbing is crucial in various industries, including commercial buildings, airports, shopping malls, petrochemical complexes, refineries, pharmaceutical facilities, aerospace, and hospitals. This training will prepare you to tackle the unique challenges and requirements of plumbing in these diverse sectors.

Get ready to enhance your skills and explore rewarding career opportunities in the field of plumbing design and drafting with Business Buddy Training!

Course Syllabus

1. Plumbing Systems

  • Fundamentals of Plumbing System

  • Introduction, Definitions & Concepts

  • List of Codes & Standards

  • Fixtures, Faucets, and Fixture fittings        i. Washbasin        ii. Water Closet        iii. Bidet        iv. Bathtub        v. Shower        vi. Urinals       vii. Kitchen sink       viii. Floor Drain

2. Design of Domestic Water Supply and Distribution System

  • Requirements of Water Supply System

  • Water Demand Calculations Water

  • Storage Calculations Underground Sump (UGS)sizing   Elevated storage Reservoir (ESR) sizing Internal Water   Supply System  d. Direct Pumping System  e. Hydro-pneumatic system  f. Over Head tank distribution system  g. Design Procedure for Internal Water Supply System  h. Flow rate (q) & Loading Unit (z)-From probability equation  i. Hazen Williams Formula for Head Loss Calculation   Internal Water Supply Pipe sizing calculations   Pumping Calculations- HP/Watts  j. Number of taps to be connected to Heavier Size Pipes.  k. Material used in internal water supply system  l. . External. Water Supply System  m. Number of Population served  n. Number of Fixtures served by Each Pipe  o. Design Procedure for External Water Supply System External    Water Supply Pipe Sizing Calculations Material used   in the External water supply system  p. Water Supply Schematic Layout

3. Design of Sanitary Drainage System

 a. Requirements of Sanitary Drainage System  b. Types of Sanitary Drainage Systems  c. Single stack system  d. Single stack (partially ventilated ) system  e. One Pipe System  f. Two Pipe System  g. System requirement for Internal Sanitary Drainage System  h. Internal Sanitary Drainage Pipe Sizing Calculations  i. Design Procedure for External Sanitary Drainage System  j. External Sanitary Drainage Pipe Sizing Calculations  k. Calculation of Slope by Manning’s formula  l. Calculating Depth of Inspection Chamber/Manholes  m. Sanitary Drainage Schematic Layout  n. Design of Storm Water Drainage System  o. Design of Basement Drainage System  p. Using Manning’s Formula and Rational formula  q. Storm Water Drainage Pipe Sizing Calculations  r. Material used in Sanitary Drainage system

4. Drawings – Plumbing Layouts

 a. Legends used in Plumbing  b. Legends used in Plumbing  c. Typical Floor Plan-Plumbing Layout  d. Enlarged Kitchen & Utility-Plumbing Layout  e. Riser Diagram for multi-storied buildings.

5. The Other aspects

 a. Life Cycle of the Project  b. Different stages in Design and Drafting  c. Communication between the different teams,  d. Mode of communication using standard formats   and templates  e. Project Management Tools  f. Maintaining a Safe and healthy working environment

6. Fundamentals of Fire Fighting System 7. Fire Fighting Standards According to NFDA 8. Sprinklers Types and Calculations 9. Requirments of Fire Protection System 10. Calculation of Fire Hydrant System 11. Design of Fire Water and Pumping Calculations 12. Fire Alarm System

  a. Conventional Fire Alarm System   b. Automatic Fire Alarm System

13. Employability Skills Improving

 a. Resume Writing Skills Improving  b. Interview Skills En powering  c. En Powering of Interpersonal Relationships.  d. Stress Management.  e. Positive Attitude Development.  f. Self-Motivation.

What BBS has to offer in the training?

– In-depth understanding of plumbing systems for domestic and commercial purposes

– Knowledge of different system designs and their applications

– Practical training in developing solution-driven concepts

– Hands-on experience in creating complete sets of plans and prototypes

– Guidance from experienced industry professionals

– Networking opportunities with fellow students and professionals

– Access to cutting-edge tools and technologies used in the field of plumbing design



With the depletion of water resources and the increasing focus on economical water consumption and recycling, the field of plumbing has become an integral part of Public Health Engineering. Plumbing has evolved over the past 8000 years, expanding its scope from unclogging household drains to installing high-pressure industrial steam pipes. Recent trends in the construction and plumbing sectors have led to a significant increase in opportunities, creating a vast work platform. Joining the plumbing industry offers immense potential for growth and a rewarding career.



There are no specific prerequisites. This course is suitable for both entry-level and experienced engineers.

The curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including plumbing system design, pipe sizing, fixture selection, code compliance, and project management.

Yes, upon successful completion of the training, you will receive a certificate from Business Buddy Training. Also, the onsite training will add to your CV as experience that will help you enhance your CV and a greater chance of finding the perfect job.

Yes, we do offer job placements, we also provide guidance and support to help you explore career opportunities in the field of plumbing design and drafting.

The duration of the training program is 3 months.

Yes, our instructors are available to provide support and guidance throughout the training program.

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