PSARA License Registration

PSARA License is mandatory for carrying out the private security business in India. So, get yours today quickly and easily at the lowest possible cost with BBS.

PSARA License Registration

Psara License Services in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

In India, private security agency operations are governed by the Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act (PSARA), passed in 2005. In India, operating a private security firm requires a PSARA license. These private security companies provide different enterprises around the nation with other protection services in addition to deploying experienced security personnel. The Private Security Agencies Regulation Act is the law that governs these security companies. Business Buddy Solutions is the best online business registration company in Lucknow, India. They are a technology-driven company that provides you and your company’s legal and software needs. Business buddy solutions provide the best Psara license services in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India.

What exactly are private security companies?

The agencies offering security services to various businesses, banks, ATMs, hospitals, etc., are private security agencies. These organisations also give the security guards engaged in these services training. To operate, a private security company needs a PSARA license.

Who is Eligible for a PSARA License?

An Organisation designated as a:
  • Private Limited Company
  • Partnership Limited Liability (LLP)
  • One Person Company (OPC)
  • Sole Proprietorship
The Directors, Officers, and Proprietors should also see to it that the following requirements are met:
  • The candidate must reside in India.
  • To be able to pay the costs of operations, the applicant must be financially stable.
  • There should be no criminal history on the candidate.

Qualifications for Obtaining a PSARA License

To apply for a PSARA license, any private limited company, limited liability partnership, one-person business, sole proprietorship, or partnership firm may do so. All Indian citizens may also apply for a PSARA license, except for the following groups:
  • Convicted of a crime related to a company’s marketing, creation, or management.
  • Convicted of a crime that has a mandatory minimum two-year sentence for incarceration.
  • Keeping associations with groups or illegal associations under the law because their actions threaten public safety or national security. Or, if it is believed that such groups or associations are involved in activities that endanger public safety or national security, it is also forbidden.
  • A government employee has been fired or expelled for misconduct or moral turpitude.

How to Obtain a PSARA License in India?

Step 1: Gather the necessary documents. Step 2: Agreement with a training facility recognized by the government. Step 3: police verification. Step 4: PSARA Application Filing.

PSARA License Validity

A PSARA License can only be used for five years after it is issued. However, this license is only valid for a year in Uttrakhand, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh. The license may be readily renewed after it has expired.

Renewal of PSARA License

  • With the required paperwork and money, one can renew a PSARA license by applying to the regulating authority at least 45 days before the license expires.
  • In addition, the governing body will issue a license renewal order within 30 days of the application’s receipt date.
Therefore, if you’re an entrepreneur having trouble complying with these regulations and guidelines, don’t worry; give the professional at Business Buddy the headache of paperwork and the stress of a stretched application procedure. Business Buddy Solutions, which offers the best psara licensing services in Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow, will take care of all the required work and assist you with all the documentation.
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