Business Buddy Solutions

Business Buddy Solutions is a Technology-oriented company that takes care of a company's legal and software requirements. Business Buddy Solutions was established in 2020 with the aim of providing legal compliance services to small and large enterprises and companies. Our Services include company registration, partnership company registration, one-person company registration, GST filing, GST registration, FSSAI License, PSARA License, and many other legal services.

We combine workforce and technology to deliver legal and software functionalities to our clients.

Why Choose Us

Business Buddy Solutions was founded in 2020 with the goal of providing the best legal consulting, statutory services, financial services, IT services, IOT services and software services to various enterprises. We have a team of professionals that will handle all of your company’s critical operations. We believe in total client transparency and offer competitive prices for our services. We are dedicated to providing affordable and timely services worldwide.

What We Do

Business Buddy Solution is the best online business registration company. Be it the development of web or mobile apps, integration, or consulting services, we cover it all. Our Consultant Services are designed to meet a company’s complete business requirements. We deliver complete services to assist your organisation by utilising strategy to influence people, processes, information, and technology considerations. We help businesses to take flight by planning their business future together. We provide expert and professional advice to startup businesses, individuals and organisations. We develop Creative solutions for your business. Business Buddy Solutions never step back from its responsibilities. We work together with you as an extension of your team to guarantee you can boost productivity, grow your company, remain ahead of the competition, and much more.