RA License Registration

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RA License Registration

What is RA License?

The Emigration Act 1983 requires that those who wish to recruit Indian citizens for employment abroad be registered with the Protector General of Emigrants (PGE), The Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs. Those registered with the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs for recruitment are known as “Recruiting Agents.”

What is the RA License Registration Process?

RA License registration in Lucknow is a straightforward process. Recruiting Agent(RA) is an entity offering employment in any country or place outside India on behalf of the Employer. It is required that prospective applicants get themselves registered with the Overseas Employment Division of MEA. Once registration is approved by MEA, the applicants are eligible to offer employment to Indian citizens through emigration.

To register as RA, the applicants need to fill out the ‘Recruiting Agent Registration Form.’ This form captures the applicant’s basic details concerning Administrative Details, Registrars of Companies(ROC) details, office details, Address of Jurisdiction Police Office, Financial Details, and Company turnover over the last five years.

Documents required for the RA Registration process:

  1. Form. I duly signed and stamped it. 
  2. Demand Draft of Rs.25,000/- in favor of PAO, MOIA, New Delhi under Rule 7(2)
  3. Three Passport-Size photographs of the Proprietor/Managing Partner/Managing Director duly attested on the back side by Gazetted Officer of the State/ Central Govt. 
  4. Statement showing the name/Age and Residential address of the Proprietor/All Partners/All directors along with designation and business activities were undertaken during the last five years.
  5. Specimen signature of the Proprietor/Managing Partner/Managing Director duly attested by a Gazetted Government Officer
  6. Copy of the applicant’s bachelor’s degree or two years diploma or equivalent from a recognized university or institute as per rule 7(2)(i); 
  7. A statement showing the assets and liabilities of the proprietor, if the applicant is sole proprietor, and of the managing partner or the managing Director if the applicant is a firm or a company as the case may be duly verified by a chartered accountant having a certificate of practice under the Chartered Accountants Act, 1949 (38 of 1949), showing the financial soundness of the applicant, under Rule 7(2)(ii) 
  8. A copy of the income-tax returns for the last three consecutive years under Rule 7(2)(iii);
  9. A copy of PAN Card IN CASE OF PARTNERSHIP FIRM 10. (a) Resolution taken by all the partners authorizing one of the partners to act as Managing Partner and to sign papers on behalf of the firm (b) Copy of partnership deed (which must provide for recruitment of workers for overseas employment) (c) True extracts from the Registrar of the firm in support of registration of the partnership deed (d) A copy of the Balance Sheet as at the close of the previous financial year. (e) A copy of the Pan Card Number for all partners / Directors of the company (f) Income tax details of the last three years in respect of Proprietor, Firm, Managing Partner, and Managing Director.

In the case of a company 

For RA  License registration in Lucknow the following documents is mandatory

  1. (a) A resolution passed to authorize one of the Directors to act as Managing Director and to sign papers on behalf of the company (b) A copy of each of the memorandum of Association and Articles of Association (c) A copy of the Certificate of registering the company (d) A copy of the Balance Sheet as at in the close of the previous financial year (e) A copy of Pan Card Number in respect of all partners / Directors of the company (f) Income tax details of last three years in respect of Proprietor, Firm, Managing Partner, Managing Director 
  2. An affidavit in Form-II executed by the applicant before a Magistrate or Notary under Rule 7(2)(iv). 
  3. Form.IV (Affidavit) duly signed and sworn in before the Metropolitan/Judicial Magistrate on each page in respect of all the partners/directors.
  4. Copy of ownership deed/proof duly attested by Notary/Magistrate Or In the case where the office premises are on lease or hire (a) Copy of lease deed/agreement duly attested by Notary/Magistrate. It is required to be for three years or at least for one year with a provision of extension, (b) the Latest rent receipt in original with revenue stamp, and; (c) Blue Print of the layout plan of the office premises duly signed and stamped (with registration number) by Government approved Architect. The dimensions of the rooms and the entire carpet must be indicated. 
  5. No Objection Certificate (in Form. III) from the owner of office premises duly sworn in before the metropolitan/Judicial Magistrate 
  6. Copy of Certificate under the shops and Commercial Establishments Act, duly attested by a Gazetted Officer of State Government / Central Government 
  7. Valuation report of assets/investments etc., duly signed and stamped by a Government approved valuer (with registration number). 
  8. Financial strength Bench Mark of `42.0 lahks (fixed assets `22 lakh plus liquid assets `20 lakh) whether satisfied by the proprietor, partnership firm, or private limited company. (a) Immovable Assets (b) Liquid Assets (c) Liability (d) Net worth 
  9. Copy of latest telephone bill duly attested by a Gazetted Officer. 
  10. Trade Testing Certificate (in original) from a Trade Test Centre duly approved by the central or state Government and must be signed and stamped by the Director of the Centre indicating the items /skill being tested at the center and a photograph thereof 
  11. Experience in recruitment of workforce for Overseas Employment (a) Names of countries where the applicant proposes to concentrate (b) Number of workers proposed to be deployed annually (c) Plans for market development 
  12. Police Verification (residential as well as office premises) 23. Inspection Report of office premises by POE.

After the RA license Registration process:

To obtain RA License registration in Lucknow, one must maintain the followings after the registration process:

  • Office premises of not less than fifty square meters of built-up area, having a waiting hall for at least thirty persons, a room to conduct an interview, and office space equipped with furniture, photocopier, telephone with subscribers truck dialing and international dialing facility, fax, computers, and other office amenities as may be specified by the registering authority by order in writing;
  • Workstations for the office personnel;
  • Internet facility, email accounts, and a web portal containing detailed information about the recruiting agent, the validity status of the registration certificate, the services offered, the cost of services, the mode of payment of service charges, the remedies available to emigrants for redressal of grievances, vacancies available along with the details of the jobs, the employers and the contract conditions as well as the recruitments made in the past with such particulars as the registering authority may specify by order in writing;
  • Adequate and duly trained staff;
  • A signboard, to be displayed in front of the business premises or so fixed that it is conspicuously visible to the public from outside the office premises, indicating the name and the registration number of the recruiting agent and the year of registration;
  • Arrangements for skill testing for the trades for which he recruits the intending emigrants.

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