Limited Liability Partnership Company Registration

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What is a Limited Liability Partnership Company?

A limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is a partnership where members share limited liabilities towards a venture, depending on their share of investments. In this business structure, members get their share of profits while enjoying significant relief with restricted penalties. LLP helps stakeholders avoid the disadvantage of a standard or general partnership where the partners are personally liable for the firm’s debt. Instead, it is more like a company with a separate legal existence distinct from its members. This restricts the liabilities of its members. Thus, it is a blend of a company and a general partnership form of business structure.

Limited Liability Partnership Company Registration.

LLP is a partnership firm with a separate legal existence, with its members having limited liabilities. Limited Liability Partnership Company Registration in Lucknow is a vast and long procedure and therefore requires a lot of planning. To begin with, members of an LLP distribute the penalties based on their share of investment in the venture and their guarantees, if any. Therefore, in this arrangement, none of the partners is responsible or liable for the misconduct or negligence of the other. Instead, each of them is accountable for their own mistakes. 

Furthermore, this business structure combines an ordinary partnership and a limited company, where the liability shouldered by the company’s shareholders remains limited. Consequently, this partnership setting is standard in firms like solicitors and accountants. However, it does not confine to any particular sector. It is pretty popular among entrepreneurial initiatives too. 

Documents required for Limited Liability partnership company Registration:

The Indian Nationals will require these documents for Limited Liability partnership registration in Lucknow:

  • PAN Card: (Self-attested by Designated Partner or Partner)
  • Voter’s ID/ Passport/ Driver’s License: (Self-attested by Designated Partner or Partner)
  • Scanned copy of Latest Bank Statement/Telephone or Mobile Bill/Electricity or Gas Bill: (Self-attested by Designated Partner or Partner)
  •  Scanned copy of passport-sized photograph

For The Foreign Nationals

  • Passport
  • Address Proof:
  • The Partner / Designated Partner can attach any of the below mentioned documents as an address proof:
  • Driving License
  • Residence Card
  • Bank Statement
  • Government issued form of Identity containing Address
  •  Residential Proof:    
  •  The Partner / Designated Partner can attach any of these documents which are Bank statement or any kinds of bills such as Electricity Bills, Telephone         Bills, and Mobile Bills. (Apostilled and notarized document)

Features of Limited Liability Partnership Registration

LLP makes members or partners share risks, costs, responsibilities, and profits depending on their investments. An LLP venture must have at least two designated members. However, the partners will mutually decide whether all the members involved would be the designated partners or only a few. The designated members are no different from the rest of the partners in an LLP. However, they have some additional functions to perform, including appointing an auditor, if need be, signing accounts for other partners, acting on behalf of the LLP on dissolution, etc.

As a partnership, the LLP firm is a pass-through entity for taxation. As a result, LLP’s profits are taxed on the partners’ income tax returns. Thus, this is to avoid double taxation.

  • Some of the unique features of an LLP include the following:
  • Separate legal entity
  • Flexibility in partnership as partners can easily be let in and let out
  • LLP agreement defines the rights, duties, risks, and profit-sharing among partners
  • A minimum of two partners must form an LLP
  • Members can either be an individual or company
  • Partners can choose the level of involvement
  • Limited liability
  •  Limited risk 
  • Unaffected by changes in membership
  • Profits are taxed on partners’ tax returns

Features of an Limited Liability Company Registration

Limited Liability Partnership Company Registration in Lucknow is the process that is completely guided and structured by proper legal framework. To make this process simpler, we provide a way out through our firm.

  • Easy to establish
  • Separate legal entity
  • Flexibility in partnership
  • Partners can either be an individual or company
  • Agreement determines the level of involvement
  • LLP is a pass-through entity for taxation
  • No minimum capital required
  • Legal protection of partners’ assets

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