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BBS MEP Service

BBS is a leading provider of comprehensive mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire fighting, and HVAC services for residential and commercial sectors. With a strong focus on quality and customer satisfaction, we offer expertise in every aspect of the electrical and mechanical domain. Our dedicated team of highly qualified engineers and technical staff is skilled in multiple disciplines, ensuring top-notch workmanship and seamless project management. 

From initial design and system installation to ongoing maintenance and repair, we handle every step of the process with the utmost professionalism. We understand the importance of adhering to strict timelines and budgetary constraints and strive to exceed expectations in both areas. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond project completion, as we provide complete after-sales support to ensure long-term satisfaction.


We excel in a wide range of fields to meet all your MEP needs:

01 HVAC Work 

02 Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm Work

03 Air Compressor Line System Work 

04 Plumbing Work 

05 Electrical Work

1. HVAC Work

Our team of experts specialises in HVAC systems, ensuring optimal temperature control, ventilation, and air quality for your residential or commercial space. We design, install, and maintain HVAC systems to create a comfortable and energy-efficient environment.

2. Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm Work

Safety is our priority! We provide comprehensive fire fighting and fire alarm systems to protect your property and occupants. Our services include the installation of fire sprinklers, hydrants, extinguishers, and advanced fire alarm systems, ensuring utmost safety and compliance with regulations.

3. Air Compressor Line System Work

We offer efficient and reliable air compressor line system services. From installation to maintenance and repair, we ensure that your compressed air system operates smoothly and optimally, supporting various applications in industries such as manufacturing, construction, and more.

4. Plumbing Work

Our plumbing services cover everything from installation to maintenance and repair. We handle plumbing systems for both residential and commercial properties, ensuring proper water supply, drainage, and sewage management. Trust us to keep your plumbing systems in top shape.

5. Electrical Work

With our expertise in electrical systems, we provide a wide range of services, including electrical design, installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance. Our skilled electricians ensure the safety and reliability of your electrical infrastructure, meeting all your power needs.


Choose BBS MEP Services for excellence in HVAC, fire fighting, air compressor line systems, plumbing, and electrical work. 

We are committed to delivering top-quality services with attention to detail and customer satisfaction. 

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