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Do we want to establish an Incorporation in Dubai? The easiest way is through Business Buddy Solutions. Your plan, we execute.

What is a Dubai Incorporation?

Setting up a company in Dubai is definitely a boost for your business needs. UAE is present in the perfect location and has greater availability of raw materials and highly skilled labor. The free zone companies can also experience more excellent infrastructure, exemptions from duty, and top-tier amenities. Our business experts will help fulfill all the requirements of company incorporation in the UAE.

Business Incorporation process in Dubai:

Business setup in Dubai has now become easier with Business Buddy Solutions.

  • Type of Business: – It is best to learn early the essence of the company one intends to develop in Dubai. It gives an idea of what is permitted and what is not in the direction of the economics department. This also gives you an indication of the place that will suit the form of business operation you want to launch.
  • Location: – After deciding the essence of the business’s activity, it is time for the investor to determine the position for the same. The investor can develop the company in the mainland or free zone, depending on which one is better suited for the same operation.
  • Name of Company: – Once the location of the business is decided, it is advisable to choose a name for your company. It is important because one has to stick to the naming conventions of the UAE, as offensive language can land one in trouble.
  • Obtaining license: – Once the name has been chosen, it is time to move for the business license obtained from DED; it checks that the investor meets the eligibility criteria. The business license can be issued within no time, depending on the company’s location, Freezone, or mainland.
  • Application for Visa: – After registration of the business activity, the next step is to apply for an investor visa.
  • Corporate Bank Account: – After all the steps leading up to the visa phase have been completed, the final move in opening a company in Dubai is to open a corporate banking account in one of the banks in UAE.

Documents Required for Business Incorporation in Dubai:

You will have to provide the following documents for Business setup in Dubai

  • Shareholders information
  • Passport and Visa of the shareholders
  • Application form
  • PDF of business plan
  • Board resolution documents
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • Articles of Association (AOA)
  • Identity proof of the shareholders

Types of Licenses Issued for business Incorporation in Dubai:

 Business setup in Dubai would now be more accessible through the help of Business Buddy Solutions.

Commercial Licenses – Issued to companies engaged in trading activities

Industrial Licenses – Issued to the companies engaged in manufacturing

Professional Licenses – Issued to companies working as service providers, professionals, artisans, and artisans.

Benefits of Opening a Business in Dubai

Here are some of the advantages of Business setup in Dubai:

  • Complete ownership to the investors irrespective of the nationality
  • 100% tax exemption on both corporate and personal incomes
  • No export and import duty
  • The easy company set up by any individual
  • No corporate tax for the first 15 years and subsequent exemption renewable option for the next 15 years
  • No data breaches and privacy issues in company operations
  • Lowest renewal charges
  • Greater flexibility in property purchase
  • Easy to open bank accounts and conduct multiple business-related activities
  • Easy options for company liquidation.

Why Choose Business Buddy Solutions?

  • We provide transparent pricing and affordable rates. 
  • We dedicate our earnest work to your services and deliver world-class efforts. 
  • We maintain the privacy of your information and respect your limits and boundaries. 
  • We also ensure the legalities of your registration process remain constant and proceed without difficulties.
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