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What is Digital Signature?

MAC(Message Authentication Code) was used to provide Message Integrity and Message Authentication, but it needs a symmetric key established between the sender and receiver. On the other hand, a digital signature uses pair of asymmetric keys. A valid digital signature helps the receiver know the message comes from the authentic sender and is not altered.

Digital Signature Registration process:

We sign a document to show that it is approved or created by us. The signature is proof to the recipient that this document comes from the correct source. Digital Signature Provider In Lucknow resolves around the most important concept of authenticity, therefore, the signature on the document means the paper is authentic. 

When A sends a message to B, B needs to check the authenticity of the message and confirm it comes from A and not C. So B can ask A to sign the statement electronically. The electronic signature proves the identity of A is also called a digital signature.

A conventional Signature is part of a document. For example, when we sign a cheque, the signature is present on the cheque, not on a separate paper. A digital signature is not part of a document. This means the sender sends two documents message and a signature.

To verify conventional signatures, the recipient compares the signature on the document with the signature on file. So recipient needs to have a copy of this signature on file for comparison. To verify digital signatures, the recipient applies a verification technique to a combination of the message and the signature to verify authenticity. So here, a copy of the signature is kept from being stored anywhere.

A copy of the signed document can be distinguished from the original signature on file. A distinction can only be made if there is a factor of time(timestamp) on the record.

Documents required for Digital signature registration:


Following are the documents required for DSC for individuals:

  • Applicant’s Aadhaar and PAN Card.
  • First two pages of the Bank Statement.
  • The first two pages of Last Income Tax Return/ Audit Report and Annual Return/ Self Affidavit with Reason, if not available.
  • Authorized Signatory Organizational ID Card/Self-Attested Letter of Organizational Identity.


Following are the documents required for DSC for Company:

  • Applicant’s Aadhaar and PAN Card.
  • Organizational PAN Card.
  • First two pages of the Bank Statement.
  • Incorporation/Registration Certificate.
  • First two pages of Bye Laws/MOA & AOA/Rules.
  • The first two pages of Last Income Tax Return/ Audit Report and Annual Return/ Self Affidavit with Reason, if not available.
  • Partnership Deed/Trust Deed/LLP/Agreement Containing the list of Partner/Signatories (2 Pages)
  • Business Registration Certificate (S&E/ST/VAT)
  • Authorized Signatory Proof (Broad Resolution)
  • Authorized Signatory Organizational ID Card/Self-Attested Letter of Organizational Identity. 

Key benefits of Digital Signature:

  1. Increased security

Let’s say you’re already using electronic signatures. Although they’re much more convenient than the regular kind, they don’t involve any kind of verification method. This is something only digital signatures provide. 

  1. Reduced costs

If you’re still printing your documents so you could have them signed, you’re wasting a lot of valuable resources. This doesn’t just have to do with the cost of paper. It’s labor costs that are involved as well. Just imagine how much time your employees would save if they didn’t have to print, sign, and scan every time a signature was needed.

  1. Fewer errors

Of course, the act of signing your own name itself is not the issue here. The problem arises when you need to store or send documents out to other signees. That’s where there’s lots of room for error. But that’s also one of the key benefits of digital signature use. The software doesn’t just allow you to digitally sign your documents. It also allows you to manage the signing order and automatically push them to your drive once they’re signed.

  1. Increased productivity

When you make it possible for your team to waste less time doing tedious manual work, it starts to thrive. This, in turn, has a positive effect on your company’s overall productivity.

  1. Shorter sales cycle

Would you like to speed up new business generation? One of the most important digital signature advantages is the effect the software has on your sales cycle. Basically, it shortens it. And by doing so, it helps you create room for hunting down new, higher-growth opportunities.

  1. Enhanced user experience

This bit is especially important if you’re a B2C company. You want to make it as simple as possible for your customers to do business with you. This is because, if you fail to do so, they won’t hesitate to turn to one of your competitors.

  1. Improved company image

And last but not least, you wouldn’t want your business to appear unprofessional or old-fashioned, would you? Suffice to say those aren’t the kinds of companies that use digital signature software. So it seems safe to say that improved company image is one of the key benefits of digital signature use.

Process of Digital Signature

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  • Signing the document
  • Signing a digest
  • Encrypt the document using the private key of the sender.
  • Decrypt the document using the public key of the sender.
  • Signing a digest again
  • Using public keys could be more efficient if we are dealing with long messages. The solution is to sign a digest of the news.

Message digest has one to one relationship with a message. A digest can be made out of notes at the sender’s site. Digest then goes through the signing process using the sender’s private key. Sender then sends a message and signature to the receiver. Using the public hash function at the receiver site, a digest is created out of the message it receives. Using the verification process, authentication of the signature is determined.

Features of Digital Signature

  • Message Integrity is preserved by using the hash function in signing and verifying algorithms.
  • Message Authentication: The message is verified using the sender’s public key. When A sends a message to B., B uses the public key of A for verification, and A public key cannot create the same signature as C’s private key. 
  • Message Nonrepudiation: To provide message nonrepudiation, trust the third party is needed.

 A creates a signature from the message, sends a message to B, and a signature to the trusted center. The center validates A public key and verifies messages that come from A. The center saves a copy of the news with the sender identity, receiver identity, and timestamp. The center uses a private key to create a new signature. The center sends a message, a unique signature, A’s identity, and B’s identity to B. B verify the message using the public key of the trusted center. In the future, if A denies that no notification is sent from its site, the center can show a copy of the saved message.

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